About Us

The Smile Online Inc. is the flagship store of a family of Chairs websites. Head of the exclusive brand, you will find a huge variety of products on our website, designed to wet your appetite and showcase the range of Chairs we sell.

To list absolutely every single product we sell on one website would mean that it would be absolutely huge and the chances are that you, our customers, would find it really frustrating trying to find what you are looking for. We have therefore separated many of the products out into individual websites that specialise in that particular type of furniture. So, if you have had a look on this website and can’t find exactly what you are looking for, the chances are we have it in one of our other stores.

As a group we are passionate about decor and want to ensure that is at the forefront of Interior Design, without it costing the earth and without compromising quality or design prowess. We therefore travel the globe to ensure we are providing a touch of Affordable Luxury.